Train with the Foremost Experts in Aesthetics

100+ hours of live demonstrations, immersive lectures and
anatomic dissections. New content added monthly.


Train with the Foremost Experts in Aesthetics

100+ hours of live demonstrations, immersive lectures and
anatomic dissections. New content added monthly.


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Welcome to Swift Beauty Academy, a digital learning platform showcasing premier content by global thought leaders and innovators in medical aesthetics.

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Discover Dr. Arthur Swift’s cutting-edge assessment methodology guided by the use of patented beauty calipers.



The BeautiPHIcation™ Effect


“There isn’t a teacher in the world who wants his student to be as good as he is - he wants his student to be better.”


The Reviews Are In

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Arthur has been my inspiration, my guru and my mentor. He is without a doubt THE artist of our time, the best injector and orator in the world. Every word spoken and technical gem is gospel. I call him my brother but in truth he is the godfather and I'm eternally grateful for his talent, artistry and wisdom.
Raj Acquilla, MD
London, United Kingdom
Dr. Swift has always been a source of deep knowledge and inspiration. Attending his lectures has opened new perspectives on aesthetic medicine in so many respects. He has shown that the combination of technique and artistry can achieve amazing results in patients, giving them such a great level of satisfaction. I consider him one of the very great people in the world of aesthetic medicine!
Philip Burchard, Chief Executive Officer Merz
Frankfurt, Germany
I had the pleasure to participate in Dr. Arthur Swift’s trainings on several occasions. His one-of-a-kind training approach and injection methods have been an undeniable contribution to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. My practice surely has benefited a lot from his concepts and on a personal level, I have a lot of respect and admiration for Dr. Arthur Swift.
Radmila Lukian, MD
Dubai, UAE
Dr. Swift is the King of aesthetics and a master of his craft as well as a brilliant and inspiring educator. I have learned much from him over the years and always look forward to sharing information to improve outcomes for our patients.
Doris Day, MD
New York, NY
Arthur has a vast and impressive knowledge of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery based on decades of experience and innovation. It has been a delight for me to share the stage with him where our partnership contributed to an enjoyable and dynamic learning experience. Intelligent, analytical and at the same time witty, Arthur’s eye for beauty and flair for imparting knowledge make him one of the most sought after speakers in the world.
Woffles Wu, MD
The BeautiPHIcation caliper along with Dr Swift’s injection techniques have changed my entire approach to volume restoration. Now I can create better facial symmetry and harmony with far less product. I even use the caliper to help plan out my surgeries when performing structural fat grafting.
James Platis, MD
Chicago, IL
When I had the opportunity to attend the first Swift Beauty Masterclass in NYC, I did not hesitate a second. Dr. Swift is a talented speaker, charismatic and knows how to captivate his audience and to transmit his tremendous experience in a very clear and concise way. I strongly recommend to all cosmetic physicians to attend this Masterclass.
Nasser Madi, MD
Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Swift is known to us in the industry as the PHI doctor and his application of BeautiPHIcation has provided an objective scientific means of measuring facial proportion, harmony and beauty. This concept revolutionized the aesthetic world by providing an objective means of measuring facial beauty on our patients and as such push us to the next level of refining our aesthetic outcome. Arthur is a passionate educator and a true lateral thinker.
Steven Liew, MD
Sydney, Australia
The use of the BeautiPHIcation calipers has enhanced the consultation process and personalized the treatment plan for all my patents. Using the calipers has also increased my accuracy with product placement. They have become an essential part of my practice.
Patricia Goodwin, RGN NIP
North Wales & Chester, United Kingdom
My BeautiPHIcation Caliper is one of my favorite assessment tools. Patients feel more confident in my recommendations because I can use the caliper to explain their proportions and aesthetic needs. It is a beautifully crafted tool and well worth the investment.
Andrea Cotton, BSN
Virginia Beach, VA
In every Revolution there emerges a leader that changes the way WE THINK, WHAT WE DO and HOW WE ACT! Dr. Swift is an amazing teacher to the world’s elite injectors and has taken the non-surgical aesthetics space to new heights. His gift is his excellent ability to articulate this understanding to large groups around the world in an ease that allows all aesthetics practitioners to perform at their highest levels.
Manny Kapur, President, Xthetica
Ontario, Canada
Dr. Swift’s seminars are unique. He is truly one of the thought leaders in cosmetic procedures. He adds new and updated material to each course so I've found it worthwhile to attend on an annual basis. Each time, I come away with new material & techniques. In addition, Dr. Swift is a great teacher, very willing to answer questions and friendly as well. I strongly recommend his seminars.
Gerald Bock, MD
Stockton, CA
The Swift Beauty Masterclass is the most relevant course I have attended throughout my career. Dr. Arthur Swift is a genius, a real legend who shares all his knowledge and expertise generously. I can truly say that Swift Beauty provided me with many important clinical takeaways for a safer and more accurate practice. Unforgettable!
Marcella Araújo, MD
Aracaju, Brazi
One mark of a great educator and teacher is to teach his students with passion and to allow them to explore his mind so they can find useful tools to expand their knowledge and improve their craft. This is my definition of Dr. Swift who has always gone above and beyond to help others in the aesthetic industry become true artists and safe injectors.
Shino Bay, MD
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Arthur is undoubtedly the most prominent example of the holistic scholar. He has been at the forefront of the latest advances in Aesthetic medicine. A pioneer in seeing beauty as the combination of science & art - armed with unique communication qualities, he has trained a whole generation of physicians worldwide, moving our specialty from evidence-based medicine to intelligence-based medicine. I have been very fortunate to have learned from him.
Frank Rosengaus, MD
Mexico City, Mexico
The Swift BeautiPHIcation calipers are an integral part of my practice, and paramount to optimizing my patients’ results. The BeautiPHIcation method enables me to translate the concept of the Golden Ratio into something tangible for my patients. They love this extra special touch, and I am able to be certain I am giving the best results I can.
Jill Caruso, RN
New York, NY
The BeautiPHIcation Caliper is an excellent tool for providers to measure, guide and visualize the golden ratio.The calipers also give patients an opportunity to feel confident that our assessment and landmarks are being accurately measured. These calipers are well made, easy to use and I love when my patient feels they are getting an extra touch of expertise and precision.
Vicky Sokol, BSN
Arlington Heights, IL
Dr. Swift is a true visionary! His ability to engage his audience while educating them on the latest techniques for safe and excellent aesthetic outcomes is unparalleled in this category!
Barbara Williams, President of xMedica
Atlanta, GA
I can say without a doubt, Swift's Masterclass was a game changer! He shared his 30+ years of tips and techniques to make me a safer injector with his strong emphasis on anatomy. He shared his BeautiPHIcation pearls which helped take my clinic to the next level. I would highly recommend this Masterclass to any injector who wishes to learn safer injection techniques in an engaging, not to be forgotten manner.
Anushka Reddy, MD
Johannesburg, South Africa
I have to thank Dr. Swift for the incredible impact he has had on my injection career. The BeautiPHIcation caliper has become an essential confidence tool - not only for myself, but also for those who I am injecting.
Andries Van Schalwyk, MD
Cape Town, South Africa
Arthur is a true visionary in every sense of the word. He has endeavored to create new concepts in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine to constantly challenge the status quo. Arthur coined the phrase “Edutainment” to stress that a great lecturer combines education and entertainment in equal measure. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing Arthur will concur. The testament as to how highly I regard his concepts is illustrated by the fact that I named my clinic, PHI.
Tapan Patel, MD
London, United Kingdom
I am a senior plastic surgeon who has attended several of Dr. Arthur Swift’s Masterclasses. Every time I go, I learn new things that are simple, practical and very useful to help me make my patients look their best. I try to attend the Masterclass every year.
Don Lalonde, MD
New Brunswick, Canada
This course gave a deepening of knowledge and a higher level of skill, increasing confidence even after 18 years in practice. The intimacy of the group and the exceptional venue made for a perfect learning environment. I always falter on the words to express how much these courses have meant to me and my practice - seeing patients get exceptional outcomes as a result of these educational investments makes every working day more rewarding!
Laurie Grizzard, FNP-C
Dallas, TX
I can't say enough about the quality of this course. Dr. Swift emphasizes safety non-stop. He is kind and humble and answers all questions even in a larger group. This course is by far the best aesthetic course I have taken and I recommend it without reservation!
Holly Happe, MD
Newton, MA
Dr. Arthur Swift shares his knowledge with such passion that it is contagious, his Masterclass changed my practice in many ways, obtaining safer techniques and an artistic view with my patients. Definitely learning from him is worth it.
María del Mar Campos, MD
Mexico City, Mexico
I have found my BeautiPHIcation calipers to be an incredibly useful tool in evaluating my patients' faces. It helps me confirm what I see when I do my visual assessment, and it is a great little device with which to educate the patient as well. I own 3 of them (just in case I lose one)!
Ellen Gendler, MD
New York, NY
Dr. Swift has a unique way to humanize the art of aesthetic science that truly inspires the entire aesthetic community, practitioners and industry players to think out of the box and to challenge the status-quo.
Basste Hadjab, International Consultant
Geneva, Switzerland
There is no person who has so effectively, intelligently and artistically mentored my craft in aesthetics. Dr. Swift is one of the pre-eminent leaders of this ever evolving field. In his latest collaboration with Dr. Cotofana, he takes his didactic offerings to an even higher level where eminence & evidence meet in a synergistic coupling of beautiful minds. I cannot give higher praise for these two and what I have learned in their company.
Jonathan Drysdale, MD
Washington, DC
I have been following Dr. Swift’s work and techniques for some time and was fortunate enough to be able to attend his live Swift Beauty course. It was probably the best time and funds spent for the knowledge gained.
Amanda Maloney, MD
British Columbia, Canada
There are people who can change professions with their forward-thinking ideas. After studying their experience-based knowledge, we are never going to think about those things the same way. There are courses where the wisdom passed on can change careers. Dr. Arthur Swift’s point of views, experiences and treatment principles have changed the way we use hyaluronic acid fillers. It’s no exaggeration to say that using what I learnt from him is a guarantee for my patients’ satisfaction everyday.
Bernadett Buda, MD
Budapest, Hungary
The BeautiPHIcation caliper is an invaluable tool for facial assessment during cosmetic consultation. It ensures that you treat the face as a whole and provide each patient a personalized plan for facial enhancement. It has helped me better identify key aesthetic targets that yield consistent, natural, and predictable results.
Rishi Gandhi, MD
Dayton, OH
I have been injecting fillers for 30+ years and I still learn something new every time I listen to the one and only Dr. Swift. Thank you for sharing!
Debra Price, MD
Miami, FL
The BeautiPHIcation caliper is my favorite tool in my aesthetic dermatology toolbox. It helps me define each patient’s unique facial landscape - ensuring the best most natural cosmetic result.
Eva Simmons-O'Brien, MD
Towson, MD
There are not enough amazing things I could say about Dr. Swift’s course. The weekend is full of everything you need to know to make you a safer and better injector, giving you the ability to truly deliver superior results. Dr. Swift is not only beyond knowledgeable, he is humble, kind, and shares with you all of his personal injecting techniques. During his course he made me feel like my success as an injector, was his success. I cannot recommend his course enough!
Renata Roddy, FNP-BC
Boston, MA
Dr. Swift's caliper allowed me to demonstrate to my clients that what I do combines science and art. Clients are very impressed by seeing me measure and analyze their faces, I feel it gives them confidence in my technique. This tool has enabled me to deliver much more precise and beautiful results to my patients.
Carlos Bravo, MD
San José, Costa Rica
Dr. Swift’s BeautiPHIcation techniques have vastly changed the way I practice and assess my patients - and his calipers have been a key tool in this process. I have found that explaining to patients is not the same as SHOWING them; they want to tangibly see what I am referring to. I can demonstrate this through the vision of the calipers. They have been worth their weight in gold.
Dina BenDavid, DNP
Edgartown, MA
The caliper is a multipurpose tool which assists practitioners with everything from simple measurements to the most complex ones. Patients highly value the professional's care and technique and find the association with the golden ratio and beauty very interesting. I love it, and my patients love it too.
Vanessa Thiesen, MD
Florianópolis, Brasil
Dr. Swift is one of the greatest mentors of my aesthetic career. He made me think differently about how I approached a face and my results dramatically improved. His passion for advocating safe(r) injection techniques mixed with his unique approach to teaching anatomy ignited a fire in me to voraciously study. He has made me a better injector and has inspired me to become a great teacher.
Nicola Lowry, PA-C
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Swift changed my whole approach to facial assessment and the use of fillers. I have had the opportunity to watch him present multiple times in regional and national venues. The keys to BeautiPHIcation and the techniques presented by Dr. Swift are the marriage of the absolute knowledge of anatomy with the passion for creating reproducible beautiful results.
Stephen Chen, MD
Richmond, VA
Simply put, the Swift Beauty Masterclass is the best training for filler mastery out there. Dr. Swift opens up his bag of dozens of tricks on aesthetic injectables - which I have used to safely enhance beauty every day in my cosmetic practice. Though not cheap, this is the crème de la crème of trainings for all things injectables and worth it every time for me. This conference is now the only one I go to for injectables.
David Myers, MD
Metairie, LA
I completely share Dr Swift's view on conserving natural beauty. His caliper is an essential tool in my daily practice. I highly recommend it to my fellow practitioners.
Marta Duarte, MD
Lisbon, Portugal

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